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Hope you’re quite ready for the massive event. There’s a lot of excitement associated with the pressure that we frequently forget minute things that would ruin your job choice or an interview. Here is a list to assist you in choosing the most effective job for yourself and build a significant impact on the employers.

1. Analyze your skillsets for the job you want: List your skills and analyze your strengths and weak points. Analyze the value of your abilities. If a crucial one is missing, you have to master that. It would take a while for you to urge into the method. However, once you cross this step, you will gain the confidence to a large extent when compared to skipping this step.


2. Analyze the job role you got shortlisted for

Read the job description carefully. Is this the desired position you want? Are your skills matching with the role you have applied? Are you passionate about the job?

The job description gives you a basic idea of interview questions. Therefore, read the job description multiple times. Analyze the keywords in it and prepare for the interview questions accordingly.

Also, work on the general questions posed for this post and prepare compelling and creative responses. Stay away from copying answers from the internet to the general questions.

3. Analyze the company you got shortlisted for

Check the profile of the company online. Read the reviews on Google and Glassdoor. Read company blogs, their latest news, and other details. Then analyze – if this is the company you want to work with?

Company profile, its core principles and values, and its ongoing activities can give you a few points that you could mention in your interview.

Ready about the latest company products and product reviews. You can also tell how you felt about the product and share your views and ideas on the product.

Read about the influential people of the company, for instance, the founder and the CEO.


4. Anticipate the interview questions

Different firms follow different types of interview patterns based on the role and the company profile. Ask your HR contact ahead of time about the interview format – whether you will face typical interview questions or brain teasers or case questions.

Once you have received the information, invest your time to get to know the format more deeply.

5. Prepare for standard interview questions 

You can easily find interview questions online posted by candidates who faced the interview for the same/similar role in the company earlier. You can also find a list of commonly asked interview questions. Prepare your answers to all the questions you encounter.

Adding numbers and percentages gives an extra touch when talking about your accomplishments and responsibilities. Ex: If you are supervising a team, you can say- “I have the experience of supervising 7 – 12 members. Currently, I am supervising a team of nine”.This way, you will quantify your experience.

You have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates when you are asked at the end of the interview -“Do you have any questions?” Take the chance to nail this opportunity. You can do this by asking any of the below questions:

  • Ask regarding the challenges encountered with the role and how the company is helping to tackle them.
  • Ask regarding the high point and learn about what excites your prospective colleagues. It will reveal what to expect from this role.
  • Ask regarding their team and team activities.

These queries can provide you a glimpse of the company, people, and the role.

6. Do mock interview

Take help from family or friends and do as many mock interviews as you can. This task improves your ability to communicate when a question is all of a sudden imposed on you. Also, practice in front of a mirror to ensure your body language conveys the right message to the interviewer.

7. Phrases to fill dead air

Come up with some strategy to get yourself some time to gather your thoughts. Steal some time by saying – “This is a wonderful question! Let me combine my thoughts”.

8. Make an interview cheat sheet

Document all the details you need to remember, mention notes about what you want to ask or say in the interview. Read the same in the morning, and you are not going to miss anything.

9. Research on the interview Venue

Do check the interview location and the distance between the venue and your place. Check if the venue is a familiar place or an unknown one. And the expected traffic on the route in your time off. Decide the time you want to leave the house, based on these parameters.

10. Prepare for the interview morning

The last step is to prepare your pieces of stuff for the day of your interview in advance.

– Keep a file with all the required documents.

– Keep your clothes ready – must be washed and ironed.

– Keep your footwear polished.

– Keep your accessories organized to wear the next morning.

– Keep your bag/handbag ready with all the stuff you need. Avoid overloading it.

– Keep your phone charged.

– Relax and sleep well.


Read more on the tricks to crack an interview and achieve success.


Comment us if you liked the article or have any tips that you would like to share with us. Good Luck for the interview!



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