Art of Cracking an Interview


Who wouldn’t want to crack their interview in one go? For this, you have to outstand amongst the crowd and leave a mark on the interviewer so that they feel proud to recruit you. When you follow these simple yet successful instructions, It will be a cakewalk to crack an interview, maybe from any domain.


1. Be Technically sound

You must know the in and out of the technology for which you are going to get interviewed. It will build confidence in you. If you are confident, it gets reflected in your attitude. But be careful not to become over-confident, as there’s a thin line between confidence and over-confidence. But the impact is massive. So, get ready for your interview. Go through the guidelines on how to prepare for your interview and ensure you don’t miss anything.

2. Be Positive

There is a maxim: “The more you nourish your mind with positive thoughts, the more you’ll attract great things into your life”. It is so true in my experience. The optimistic attitude reflects in your behavior and leaves an enormous impact on the person you talk to. For instance, if you get into a controversy, rather than weeping over it, if you can think of ways to solve it. This way you can demonstrate a positive attitude about it. This attitude also helps in thinking out of the box when a problem comes to you.

3. Stay calm and be happy

When you stay calm and happy from within, you will experience a different world around you. Everything will look brighter and every person as your well-wisher. When you keep calm and relaxed, you will feel more energetic. This energy will pass to the people around you. And they will positively tend to mark your presence. Everyone wants to be in the company of such people.

4.Study the surrounding

It is a crucial point that most of us forget when we enter the interview Centre. The environment of the interview location, if it is a company office, can give you such vital information that can make you different from the crowd in the interview.

Watch the surroundings, read whatever you find in the surrounding, let it be a poster in the wall, or a trophy placed as décor or a photograph in the room. Try to read and remember all that you see. It will give you more information about the company, its ethics, and its culture. You can then use this information in the interview and make them feel that you are aware of the company and the ongoing activities in it. It will demonstrate your presence of mind and your interest in the company.

5. Mindful of your Gesture


A gesture is a non-verbal and non-vocal communication where your body speaks its language. Therefore, when we are not fully present in this situation, it is sometimes difficult to


You must be conscious of what you do with your body while you are in the interview room and also outside. Naturally, we get nervous when talking to a stranger(s) especially when we know that they are judging every move we make. For example, if we are anxious and unaware of our body language, we may tend to display it wrongly by always moving our fingers and wired each other or continuously moving our feet. These actions immediately tell the interviewer that you are not able to handle the pressure. Instead, if we are watchful of our body movement, we can hide the nervousness and can create a good impression on the interviewer. Find tips online to conceal your nervousness. Do read them, practice them, and use it to your advantage whenever you need it.


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